Launching My Art Business

Lately, I have simultaneously built on my art business and teaching opportunities.

staceygentry Joes Bike Pallette
(Joe’s Bike Palette)

So far most of my art sales have come through the channel of social media, so I have put some time into studying the online marketing a little bit more and am trying to organize and smooth out my own professional online presence. This is something I regret to say I have struggled and fought with because I tend to be too judgmental of my own work.  I’ve learned some things, and am hereby launching my Facebook page  to gather visibility and engage as my established Instagram morphs into a more professional exhibition of what I’m working towards.  So my website will continue to transform and become more business friendly. I do not want to accidentally inhibit my own success because of the ignorance of helpful tools.

I am also excited about developing my own art curriculum for summer classes! I have this great opportunity to expand upon my work tutoring college students in the arts. Whatever summer art classes I can think of!  My brainstorming is having a fireworks show.



Gerry Low-Sabado, Monterey Chinese Fishing Village. Watercolor 18″ x 24′
  • My most recent completed portrait was a special one. Gerry is a Bay Area activist working peacefully to engage the public in awareness of prejudice and offer opportunities to connect with other groups. As a fifth generation descendent of the Chinese fishing community that was burned to the ground in Monterey in 1906, she has made many appearances throughout my time in college and in the museum world to courageously share her story of family, heritage, and local history. I grew very fond of her spunk and her friendliness. You can find more on this story here.   Gerry invites all who are interested in participating in her annual Walk of Remembrance  this Saturday, May 6 in Pacific Grove. I was delighted to have worked on this painting of her.
  • I have been working with acrylics more. I find that I am better free-handed with acrylic than watercolor. Watercolor I like to sketch first and then paint. Acrylic I don’t sketch first.
staceygentry self portrait
Self Portrait Without Mirror Acrylic 11″ x 14″ 2017


  • In the process of completing one commission and beginning another.


  • The video vignette below represents a long term multimedia project which (the title) came to me in a dream a few years ago. Black Stars of Starlight Past is a kind of spirit-biography, dream epic, slivers of writing that can be found on my poetry page. An illustrated chapbook, I intend to have collected originals of the relevant art for exhibition. This video is my amateur cinematic ‘trailer’ 🙂





Please use the contact form below if you have any questions about art commissions or collaborations. 

The Birthday Gift

For my 33rd birthday I want to give myself the permission to do what I always have known I am born to do which is write and make art—forever clarifying my own communication, art and writing the products—so I have to really practice bravery now. Its not all self promotion and I must really learn to take chances and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Sleeping Beauty 1 – Santa Cruz June 2016

I was dead in the back of my tuck with old clothes piled on top of me, I saw from above, and then heard a voice telling me to look around the corner—there was a raging storm;  I went into an adobe building. A table like an altar was in a dark room, there was a cereal box packaging with a human heart in it. I pulled the heart out, which was in a flesh sack, and there was a straw in it. I drank it, and my arms felt as if they were being shocked in an electric outlet just from touching the heart. Another box appeared, it was an M shaped candelabra that seemed to move on its own evil vibration. Suddenly the rest of the room lit up and spirits with Hispanic or Indian faces and clothing rose like steam, soundlessly, and at first diaphanous, but they were very serious and all pointed behind me. I turned around to find a shelving in the pinkish adobe wall, with a different M shaped candelabra that felt to vibrate of a sort of holiness. I was relieved that those anonymous spirits helped out, I took the new candelabra and went back out into the storm. Eventually I found a cozy sunlit room with beautiful windows looking out onto a lovely scene, and Jewel was out there looking for me. 

This was a life changing dream I had about three years ago, in a different life. It was when I felt more connected to my dream wisdom and was experiencing wild de ja us and seeing interactions every single day that I had dreamed. I had this dream before I was divorced and before I chose to shed a terrible skin. I had that dream before I admitted to myself I am in love with Jewel and before I knew myself sober, before my Catholic conversion and before the acceptance of my insufficiencies and also my gifts, honestly.


Sleeping Beauty 2 – Pacific Grove June 2016


Images I do accept within my days do stimulate my stories open, but I often get stuck in the doorway attempting to carry them out. It has bothered me to depend too much on visual images (the practice of vagueness is too related to passive aggressiveness), on using body as expression (damned if you do damned if you don’t/’male gaze’ & overdone feminisms etc), on writing privately (I cannot stand the thought of dying before connecting and being in the world); when the wholeness of my being requires my accurate translation of myself to the world and in relationships; the desire to write and speak well drive my inner explorations. Even though I have neglected writing (does previous decades of avid journaling count?..) except for gratitude or dreams (because I want to focus on what I want to create). Therefore I have been embarking on rousing parts of myself I had abandoned in order to build my new life almost three years ago  because they are the parts that have the right words; they are the parts that must be named and given something to do in writing and speaking or else hold me back into a kind of sleep forever.