[Sketchbook Analysis]

Bedroom Study – Conte crayon, colored pencil and ink on toned paper


The art that brought me to teaching places me in an unusual giving/receiving mode which I am adjusting to that allows creative idea revelation, and completely surprised me this past year as becoming a solid part of my artistic process. There is something cleansing about service to others, as I am experimenting with what I have learned from the lives of saints attempting to integrate lessons through my art in tiny beginner ways. Art is so egotistically founded that it has made me wonder if art is but a level of maturity at most, a means of awareness of how to use myself and be remembered in this world. Years ago art was my existential questioning and searching: now it is a pleasurable reward to act out gratitude for a renewed spirit with the colorful palette of art supplies. I am going in so many different directions of media and form outside of my standard portrait practice that I find myself wondering how to present myself as interdisciplinary and work to my advantage: letting myself practice & discipline until it all comes together.


Jewel’s Desk – marker & colored pencil 
Cracked Saint Michael – charcoal and pastels
Sketchbook Collage – watercolor




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